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Updated: Feb 2, 2021

I sat on the polished hardwood floor of my dad's study, microphone plugged into the multi-cassette tape recorder, headphones hugging my ears and blocking out the hum of the air conditioner from the vent next to me on the floor. Yellow lights illumined the small recording windows as analog audio needles danced across the dials and the red "record" light flickered on. It was the summer of 2000, and as a 9-year old girl, the Summer Olympic games in Sydney, Australia had made a strong impression on me. Seeing athletes from around the world come together and compete was impressive, and as the athletes marched into the opening ceremony, the scope of the event left me wide-eyed.

As I watched world-class athletes compete in the following days, I couldn't help but appreciate the commentators' ability to add information and insights to the feats of physical accomplishment the athletes demonstrated. The hosts guided viewers through the intricacies of the sports, athletes' backgrounds, and play-by-play analyses; they were the narrators for the world's view of all that was happening in Sydney.

My interest was piqued by my fascination with the seemingly-omniscient commentators. It was a matter of days before I took matters into my own hands: using my dad's cassette recording equipment, I created a fictional version of Olympic Games and narrated the imaginary event with enthusiasm and vigor. My sisters were recruited to be the "athletes" I interviewed, I developed fictional companies and read their "ads" with conviction, and I hummed little jingles into the microphone. I recall proudly finishing my "broadcast" cassette recording and pulling out my hot pink boom-box so that I could play my project for my whole family after dinner that night.

The cassette tape I recorded that summer is still at my parents' house, carefully labeled with my fourth grade penmanship and tucked away as a time capsule from that season of life. Now, some 21 years later, I'm behind a microphone again with eager enthusiasm and energy. This time around, my content is no longer imaginary and the platform spans beyond my pink boom box.

I'm excited to announce the launch of The Associate's Corner (TAC) podcast. Episode 1, the pilot, is up now. You can find it at the link listed below, or check it out on Apple Podcasts, spotify, etc. On this episode, we discuss the 5 Ws of TAC and the podcast. I'm learning a lot along this process of exploring podcasting with TAC. I hope you'll join me and TAC team as we talk through all things related and pertaining to elevating your associateship to make it the best springboard into your dream career. We look forward to hearing from you and connecting!


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